As a Fashion Photographer we want to have lot of liberty to play around with our creative mind and create something more stronger and powerful when it comes to Fashion and garments. However we need to understand that this huge ecommerce market is becoming the most convenient place for people to shop. Its always easier to shop online than going door to door and practically looking for everything to choose what we want. And so when people want to shop online they prefer to get a fair good idea before shifting items to their cart. They would want to see all the sides possible and the most cleaner layout. Hence the market for ecommerce photography is also growing at the same speed. I too do clean catalogue shoots to cater to this segment. This shoot today was done for the designer Payal Khalwal who makes these amazing very minimalist style of clothing from various kind of silk fabrics. Her approach towards the colours is quite interesting. I was simply loving the fall and the texture of these garments and thats the reason why I enjoyed even this pretty clear cut simple shoot.

Some of the shots showing behind the scene -